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Export Import Training Service

Export Import Training Service

List of Training Modules Basic

Sr.No Name containtents Scope Covered under
1 International Trade Oppertunities what are the present oppertunities EXIM Basic
2 Agree Export & Roll of APEDA Agree Export Promotion Council To promot Agree and FoodExport Basic
3 Export Procedure and documentation Documents such as Invoice , Packinglist , purchase order , Bill of lading and other documents Export Basic
4 Import Procedure and documentation Documentation such as Invoice , Packinglist , purchase order , Bill of lading and other documents Import Basic
5 Inco Terms 2020 Terms of shipments EXIM Basic
6 Payment Terms in Foreign Trade International Payment Terms EXIM Basic
9 Export Marketing marketing, sealing, product deceion, place decesion, promotion decesion Export Basic
10 Export Insentives(MEIS & SEIS) Export Insentive schemes EXIM Basic
11 New Export Insentive Scheme(RODTEP) Export Insentive schemes To promot Export Basic
12 Exchange Control Regulation & Banking RBI Rules & Regulations EXIM Basic
13 Import Duty Calculations Duty structure and working Import Basic
14 Quality Control and Trade Dispute & Arbitration settelment of case if any EXIM Basic
15 Exim Related dos & Don’t What to do and not in International Business EXIM Basic

List of Training Modules Advance

Sr.No Name containtents Scope Covered under
1 Various Export promotion Councils & Their Rolls Government Export Promotional activities to boost exporters To promot Exporter Advance
2 Pricing and Costing How to Calculate cost of your product and Price EXIM Advance
3 Marine Cargo Insurance Need of Insurance and its clause Exim Advance
4 Export Promotion Capital Goods Duty Free Import of Capital Goods for manufactring Finish goods for Export EXIM Advance
5 Advance Authorisation Duty Free Import of Raw Material for Export of Finish goods Exim Advance
6 Trade Agreements (FTA & PTA) Free Trade Agreement & Preferantaly Trade Agreements EXIM Advance
7 Import as per Handbook & Procedure How to Import Gift, Import of ristracted items etc. Import Advance
8 Free Sale and End Use Certificate Free sale certificate for export and End use certificate Export Advance
9 Packing & Labeling of Goods Importnce of Proper packaging and lebeling EXIM Advance
10 Export Credit Gaurantee Corporation (ECGC) How to minimiz Risk in Foreign Trade EXIM Advance
11 Status Holder Certificates Benefits for exporter EXIM Advance
12 Authorised Economic Operators Facility to Expoter /Importer EXIM Advance

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